Thursday, August 14, 2014

What is it?

 It's a 28ft 1995 Georgie Boy

Who's is it?
No, it's not mine, not yet anyway!
   My 91 year old friend Roger now owns this lovely RV.  He wants me to drive him around to local parks and fishing areas here in Southern Oregon.  Roger knows a lot about RV's as he has lived in them before. This one has the queen bed in the back that you can walk around making it easier to make the bed!  It also has the dining room table that seats 4 and a nice sofa that I will use as my bed when we are out camping.
   We are in the process of testing everything out.  We knew there was a problem with the generator when we bought it.  It makes a noise when the button is pushed, but it wont start yet. 
   I think it will work our well for what we need.  Just for weekend jaunts at the moment.  

   I'm still planning for my RV road life.  It will be a couple of years, but I'm doing a lot reading about destinations, workkamping, and how to budget for life on the road.

  Thanks for sticking around to read my blog even though I don't post very often.  Hopefully now I will have some info to share about my local area here in Southern Oregon.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hello Everyone! Yes, I know I only seem to post about every 4 months! LOL

Greetings from Southern Oregon!

This is a picture of my client caseworker group that worked up in Darrington,WA to help the victims of the recent mudslide.  I have volunteered with the Red Cross two years now.  I have helped on four different types of natural disasters.  Hurricane Sandy, Oklahoma Tornadoes, Arizona Wildfire, and the WA mudslide.

I am once again dogless!  I had to find a new home for my new dog because he had separation anxiety and need to be with another dog.  He also hated cats!  I don't own a cat but I feed about 10 neighborhood cats!

Sorry I don't post very often.  I guess since I don't have an RV yet I think no one wants to read it!

I did find a new website that I really like.  It's called
Check it out!  Lots of different groups to check out there.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Come meet Jamie!

Come meet Jamie!

I was dogless for about 6 months.  I finally decided to get a new dog and have been looking for the past couple of months at my local shelter.  I didn't have much luck.  Most local dogs are large or are Chihuahua mixes.  I was looking for a Terrier mix.

I went to the Bay Area in CA to visit a friend for Christmas.  So, I looked online at the local animal shelter in Martinez, CA to see what small dogs they had.  So, on Dec 24, at 3:30PM I called the Martinez animal shelter to see if he was still available.  He was! So, I said I would be there first thing the day after Christmas.  I was there at 10:00am when they opened, but Jamie wasn't there.  That same morning, they moved him to the Nevada Humane Society in Reno, NV.  That was on Thursday.  On Friday I drove to Reno to get my new dog.  It was a big hassle, but it was worth it.  Jamie is a good dog.  He is a Manchester Terrier.  He looks like a Mini Pin, but is a bit taller and thinner. 

He was neutered in Martinez so I had to get him a plastic dog collar so he wouldn't chew his stitches.  He was a trooper about wearing it.  It's off now and he is not licking.  He also had a dog bite on the top of his head.  It is healing now and he is going to be fine.  He likes to go in the car, so I know one day he will be fine in a RV if and when I ever get one! LOL