Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hello Everyone! Yes, I know I only seem to post about every 4 months! LOL

Greetings from Southern Oregon!

This is a picture of my client caseworker group that worked up in Darrington,WA to help the victims of the recent mudslide.  I have volunteered with the Red Cross two years now.  I have helped on four different types of natural disasters.  Hurricane Sandy, Oklahoma Tornadoes, Arizona Wildfire, and the WA mudslide.

I am once again dogless!  I had to find a new home for my new dog because he had separation anxiety and need to be with another dog.  He also hated cats!  I don't own a cat but I feed about 10 neighborhood cats!

Sorry I don't post very often.  I guess since I don't have an RV yet I think no one wants to read it!

I did find a new website that I really like.  It's called
Check it out!  Lots of different groups to check out there.