Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hello Everyone!

I'm back on my blog with a new view on life.  I have recently cut out added sugar from my food choices.  I stopped drinking COKE.   I started really paying attention to what I eat.  I have tried to get more exercise. I have lost 20 pounds since March 1st. 

Come journey with Julie will now be about my life's journey to eat and be healthier.  Don't worry, I will still have travel information!  I will also have lots of random thoughts! LOL

 I recently began sprouting seeds.  When you sprout seeds, beans, legumes, or nuts, you receive a lot more nutritional impact. 

 "Sprouts are the perfect raw food. They are easy to grow, simple, and tasty to eat. Since the agrarian era, people have been sprouting seeds because they offer dense nutrition and easy energy. No cooking is required, yet all the nutrients of the same seeds cooked are present in the sprout. In fact, minerals in many sprouted foods increase while fat content is lowered. And sprouts are full of the digestive enzymes needed for metabolism. When you eat sprouts, they literally digest themselves--leaving your body free to work on more important things!"

 1/4 cup lentils
quart mason jar

cheesecloth and rubber band

add water swish and drain

set at angleseal for fridge

4 days of sprouting

1. Place dry lentils in Mason jar.
2. Add water and swish around.
3. Let soak for 8 hours (overnight is good)
3. Add cheesecloth and rubber band. You can also use pantyhose or screen mesh.
4. Drain. Rinse and drain again.
5. Set at angle to assure air flow/drying.
6. Rinse two or three times a day for approximately 4 days.
7. When sprouted to your liking, place in fridge with sealed lid.

So far I have only used my sprouts on salads and sandwiches.  I'm going to try other recipes and I will pass them on to my readers. I have sprouted lentils which are pictured and I have also spouted a salad mix.  Both are very tasty.  I will be spouting chickpeas and a soup mix next.  Stay tuned for those pics. ;)   Julie

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