Sunday, May 8, 2016

Can you eat vegan for $3 a week day - day 5 last day and thoughts

Day 5 final day with final thoughts!

Today is use up what is left and eat leftovers!

Breakfast day 5 Oatmeal with no fruit!
Today I had enough oats left to make a bowl of oatmeal.  I added some cinnamon, but didn't have any fruit left.

I made a nice spinach salad with 1/2 a tomato, some garbanzo beans, and a bit of carrot.  I also made a tofu veggie scramble with 1/2 tomato, some garbanzo beans, which I fork smashed, some carrot, and some spinach.   For a snack I used the rest of the garbanzo beans and added a bit of water, blended them and made a hummus.  I added some carrot sticks.

I ate the leftover veggie soup which had rice, pasta, and garbanzo beans in it.  I also ate some of the hummus, and some of the tofu veggie scramble that was left over from lunch. 

 My final thoughts on eating vegan for $3 a day.

It is possible!  I was able to just use the items I bought for less than $15. The only thing I had leftover was tofu.  Which I could have used more of in the meals. At times I wished I had a little more variety. I would have like a bit more fruit and a bit more different vegetables.  I would have liked to eat salad more. These are my preferences. I did use some spices I had on hand, but I didn't buy any. I think eating vegan on $4 a day might be a better option. I'm putting together a menu and that will be another project in the works for me.  

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