Saturday, March 24, 2012

Doomsday Preppers

I was flipping channels one night and found National Geographic's program "Doomsday Preppers"  It is a 1 hour program that shows 3 different Americans and/or Canadians that are preparing for a disastrous event.  I'm fascinated by two things:  one is the amount of people that believe a disastrous event will happen and secondly, the amount of food, water, and ammunition the preppers are hoarding. 

What do you think about this situation?  How would you prepare in a RV?  Does living in a RV hinder your ability to be prepared for a disastrous event?  Do you keep extra medical or emergency items in your rig?

As a young child I remember my grandmother sending me into the garage to get some tuna fish.  She had a large storage area of food.  I have always had lots of food on hand because of this.  I also have stockpiled other items in the past as I have been a big coupon shopper. 

Those RVers that boondock are well on their way to being self sufficient, but where will you get your food and water from? 

I hope this isn't a frightening post to you. I'm just curious about the idea of prepping.


  1. I've read some blogs and websites of "preppers" that were not carefully monitoring their stockpile of food and rotating stock and had to throw away some food. I don't think it is necessary to stockpile food. Living in an RV, I have about 2 weeks worth of canned food for days I can't get out for fresh food. I mostly eat fresh fruits and veges.

  2. I have enough food for a couple of weeks, at least, and lots of packets of nutritious "meals" left over from a diet plan I was on last year. I liked the stuff, and decided to bring it along. Sometimes when I'm not very hungry, I'll add water, mix, and have an easy meal. Tomato soup, chocolate drink, etc.

    BTW, you asked in a comment how I was doing without solar. I DO have solar. It was the converter charging my batteries that was a problem, and that has now been fixed. So---I'm good to go! I'll have some additional info about this place in my next blog. I spent some time talking to the camp hosts, and there are services nearby that I didn't know about. :)

  3. We have a months worth of dried meals. They are light and we found a perfect place for them way up high where we really wouldn't put anything anyhow. Water is more an issue for us. We do carry ten gallons of water with us and we have water purification tablets. We have always been as prepared as possible. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or even a trucker's strike are all problems that we want to be able to survive.

  4. Having an RV is a 35 year dream for me. May never happen, but I see the trailer or motor home, even a truck and camper, as a very helpful tool if a disaster happens. I would definitely follow Sandie's lead (waving at Sandie!) and carry dried or freeze dried foods.

    I have been canning and dehydrating, as well as stockpiling, for three years now. I believe I could feed myself, my daughter's family and my parents for at least a year. I am not prepping for Zombies, I am prepping for economic collapse. As Sandie can tell you, I am "low income", which is fancy for poor. Every slight fluctuation in the economy wreaks havoc on my lifestyle, so I am doing everything I can to first live as frugally as possible right now, so that when, not if, hard times hit I will be able to sail right through. Wish it were in an RV!!!

    1. Hi Kris,
      Welcome to my blog. I agree with you. I have recently learned how to dehydrate food and I'm hoping to learn to can this summer. I think we will have more of an economic collapse or weather related event more than zombies! LOL I can't believe the info on the videos on youtube. You can find a video on anything and how to do anything and how to build anything!