Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday March 2, 2012 Rv looking!

I went RV "looking" today!  I say looking because I'm not really ready to buy.  I'm still trying to figure out what type of RV I want.  Not sure how long I want it to be.  I looked at a 33' Bounder, a 28' Four Winds, and a 25' something! LOL  I liked the 28' Four Winds the best.  The problem it had was the shower was 2 feet off the ground.  ug.  I'm not really in a hurry to find "the one" so I will just keep looking.  I had to take my Rottie to the Vet today so she could have some stitches out.  She had a lump recently that was removed.  She is doing well and is actually getting better traveling in my truck.  She hasn't traveled in a vehicle much, only to the Vet and back.  Buddy the Chihuahua goes everywhere in the truck.  He will be great in an RV.  It's the Rottie I'm worried about.  Have a great night!  I'm watching Shark Tank!  One of my favorite programs because it gives normal people a chance to change their lives.


  1. Definitely take your time looking at RV's. There are a million of them out there so be picky. 28 to 30 feet is a good length - you will definitely fit in National and State Park campgrounds. Glad Bear is doing good.

  2. Thanks Sandie for your help and your comments.

  3. Hi! yeah, take your time, BIG decision. Have visited so many people in the class "c", some of them are really nice.. how much do u want to clean or wax? and fit into places?

  4. Hi I'm Nancy and Doug's sister and I feel the same about the weather Nanaimo Vancouver Island, BC is the same.

    I am sort of living the sunny life thru their adventures. I have a Rotti as well and his name is Samson (120 lbs) and he got very grey this last summer. Anyway just wanted to say hello and if you are following Nancy and Doug I will look forward to your comments.
    I haven't figured out how it post pictures but I will learn.

    Cheers Susann

    1. HI Susann,
      Welcome! I love Nanaimo! I guess it is cold this time of year though! It warmed up to about 55 today. The snow is mostly melted.

  5. Thanks for stopping by the blog recently... I see you are in Klammath Falls. I lived there for 2 years when I was a very young boy and what I remember the most was the snow!!!

  6. Hi Julie!

    Looking forward to your adventures getting into full-time RVing. Ken and I are also hoping to do that in the next few years. We do stay in our camper all summer in one campground for now. Hoping to get a Class C (at least that is the plan this week) and travel full time once we retire. We have wavered between trailers, fifth wheels and a Class C. Once we get closer to retirement it will be easier to determine which direction we will take. We will have a better graps on our finances, health and what we are capable of handling. Good Luck to you! I hope you get there within a year.

    Enjoy blogging. I do.

  7. I looked at a lot of RVs when I first decided I'd get one when I retired. I also did a lot of looking on-line. I quit looking then, for a while, until the time for me to buy was within about six months. Then, when I went to an RV show JUST TO LOOK, I found the exact rig I wanted. Exactly what I was looking for, but it was too soon, and I bought it anyway. Once I had the motor home, I was ready to go, and retired six months early. So you never know! :)