Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Spring!

Happy Spring!
Yes, it snowed in Klamath Falls last night!
I went outside to put the trash out tonight and it has mostly melted.

Welcome to my 2 new followers who ever you may be! LOL I don't know how to tell who is new.

  Thank you to those that continue to post on my recent loss of my 4 legged baby.  I brought home the ashes today.  The box is beautiful. 


  1. Snow....yuck. I'm a warm weather girl myself. Grew up in Minnesota and had way more than enough of that white stuff. Hope you get to some warm stuff soon.


  2. I was always excited when it snowed! So eerily quiet and still outside.

    I'm glad you have Bear's ashes in a beautiful box. I'm sure you have many good memories with him.

    To see who your new Followers are, just click on their photo and most times some information will come up. Isn't it fun to see new Followers to your blog? :)

  3. I finally found your blog .... am so sorry about Bear. You sound like a very adventurous traveller... I'll be looking forward to your blogs.

    1. Thank you for becoming a follower! I read your blog too!