Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not an RV Vacation!

I'm going to visit a far away location.

The buildings are tall.

The city is crowded.

The Churches are beautiful.

There is a tram up a mountain.

Ahhhh breakfast.

 Where am I going?
I'm leaving on Friday for a 2 week vacation to see a friend.  I went last year and these are pics I took then.  Let me know if you figure out where I'm going.


  1. I have no clue. But have lots and lots of fun.

  2. Julie, let's see. The tramway hmm I think it is in Asia somewhere. India maybe, there are men with red turbans in the picture of the horse and the rider. The statue looks british, but it could be spanish too. The Church is catholic - no doubt. Tried to find the tramway on Wikipedia - but since you took the pic yourself - no such luck. There is also a similar tramway in Xichang city, China. But there wouldn't be men with turbans there right?

    Let me know how right or wrong I am.

    1. You are wrong but got 1 thing right......Yo hablo espanol.

  3. No but you guys are getting closer! ;)

  4. Have no idea; but looks like a great place to visit. Come back and share photos from this trip.